Members of First Baptist Church of Milford who choose to homeschool their children may still allow the ministry of Milford Christian Academy to influence their children. The ensuing processes and provisions will prevail for FBCM members who desire their homeschool children to participate.

Registration and Benefits

FBCM members who desire to take advantage of the benefits of MCA may register their child as a homeschool registrant. (A family registration fee is required.) This registration will enable the homeschool student to be involved in the following:

  • 1.

    Academic classes at prevailing costs.

  • 2.

    Field trips with classes of the same grade level upon paying associated costs and completing required paperwork.

  • 3.

    Intramural sports.

  • 4.

    Special events at no additional costs.

Dress Code

Homeschool students must dress properly and modestly while attending MCA or any school function. Please refer to the extracurricular dress in the handbook. Should homeschool students enroll for any classes at MCA, uniforms will be required.

Science Fair

Homeschool students may participate in MCA’s annual science fair and may submit projects with respective classes of the same grade level while following specific, designated themes. The following policies will prevail:

  • 1.

    Students must be enrolled in science and must be registered as a homeschool registrant.

  • 2.

    Students must follow the curriculum and format established by the science department for judging and awards.


Homeschool students in grades six through twelve may participate in athletic programs upon meeting specific requirements prescribed below. Exceptions for procedures one and two of this section will be made for students whose parents are FBCM missionaries or serve in the Seedline ministry:

  • 1.

    Students must be registered as a homeschool registrant.

  • 2.

    Students must enroll in and attend at least two of the following core academic classes for the entire school year for which grades will be maintained by MCA:

    • •English
    • •History
    • •Math
    • •Science
    • •Bible (Student must attend all MCA revival services to fulfill Bible class requirements.)
    • •BSWE class
  • 3.

    Students must abide by all MCA athletic program policies and procedures included but not limited to the following:

    • •Maintain required grade average.
    • •Purchase and wear MCA school uniform while adhering to all MCA dress code requirements.
    • •Provide documentary proof of a current physical examination.
    • •Pay all fees associated with the respective athletic program(s).

No Cost Benefits

MCA offers the following benefits to FBCM families for homeschool students at no cost:

  • Chapel and revival services or elementary chapel services
  • MCA Seedline Project
  • Daily Bible classes
  • Intramural sports (Sports fees will apply.)
  • Standardized testing, e.g. Stanford Achievement Testing (Fees for testing material will apply.)


Only full-time students will be allowed to participate in MCA’s year-end graduations.