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Additional Information

Student Searches

Student cars brought on campus, student book bags and other containers, purses, school lockers, desks, and other property, shall be subject to inspection and search by school authorities/law enforcement at all times without further notice to students or parents. If a specific student is reported or suspected of having weapons, drugs, or other materials in violation of school rules or state law, his person may be searched. Administration and/or law enforcement may conduct full random searches.

Food Service

MCA provides cafeteria-style hot lunches. Lunches may be ordered through our FACTS FamilyPortal and will be charged weekly.

Students are permitted to have an approved† refillable water bottle in the classroom during school hours at the teacher’s discretion. Water bottles may contain only water; no other liquid is permitted.

  • Students may eat in the cafeteria during scheduled meal times.
  • Eating in the classroom outside of scheduled meal times is only permissible when the teacher makes arrangements to do so on special occasions.
          - The exception is if a student has a documented, medically necessary reason to do so.
  • Students may not eat in the hallways, lobbies, restrooms, locker rooms, etc.
  • Students may not bring food from an outside source to be shared with classmates at school. Birthday treats to be shared with classmates at lunch are available for purchase through the school cafeteria via the FACTS account. The cafeteria needs a one-week notice to fulfill the request.*
†Updated 3/15/23
*Updated 10/13/22

School Photographs

Individual school photos will be taken both during the fall and spring semester. Photos taken in the fall are for the purpose of yearbook placement, and school uniforms are required. Uniforms are not required for spring photos; however modest and appropriate attire is expected.

Student Vehicles

Licensed students may drive personal vehicles to school once they have received permission from administration via a completed, signed Driving Privilege Form. Students are to park only in spots designated for student drivers. Violation of any portion of this policy may result in the suspension or restriction of student driving privileges. The following policies will prevail:

  • 1.

    Student drivers must be legally licensed.

  • 2.

    Under no circumstances are students permitted to leave school grounds during school hours without written parental permission. Students must sign out prior to leaving.

  • 3.

    Vehicles will not promote—via license plates, bumper stickers, pictures or slogans on windows, paint jobs, etc.—anything that is contrary to the philosophy of MCA.

  • 4.

    All vehicles will be subject to search by school administration at any time.

  • 5.

    Students may not ride with another student without submitting advanced, written authorization to the school office.

  • 6.

    Students may never loiter in vehicles or in the parking lot during the arrival/dismissal process.

  • 7.

    A 10 mph speed limit will be strictly enforced.

  • 8.

    At no time should boys and girls be in cars together with the exception of siblings or family members. Other exceptions are solely at the discretion of administration.

Parent Volunteers

Parents or other family members may be permitted to volunteer at school activities or field trips based upon the following guidelines:

  • Volunteers must be approved by administration prior to their volunteer work.
  • Volunteers who work directly with students must submit to and pass a background check at their own expense prior to their volunteer work.
  • Volunteers must sign in at the school office when they arrive and sign out at the school office when they leave.
  • Volunteers must dress in modest and appropriate clothing.

Student Lockers

Lockers are assigned to students for the purpose of storing books, backpacks, school supplies, lunch and outerwear.

  • Students may add items such as shelves and magnetic storage bins to maximize space.
  • Students may not attach or adhere any item to the outside of their locker, nor on the wall surrounding their locker. Exceptions may be occasionally allowed with administrator approval.
  • Students may not post inappropriate photos, signs, notes, etc. inside their locker. Appropriate items may be hung inside a locker with magnets only. Students are not to use stickers or other adhesives to hang items inside their locker.
  • It is the student's responsibility to keep their locker organized and clean. The door should easily close and straps of backpacks or other items should be enclosed inside the locker when the door is closed. Students are also responsible for disposing of trash on the floor around their locker.
  • Students may not leave spoiled food or beverages inside their locker.
  • Students may not overfill the locker to the point that it is difficult to close the locker door. Excess items such as P.E. or athletic wear must be stored in a gym bag in the locker room.
  • Students may only use the locker assigned to them by their homeroom teacher and may not trade lockers with another student unless approved by the homeroom teacher or administrator.
  • Student lockers will be locked at all times. Only locks issued by MCA are allowed.*
*Added 8/9/22