Dress Code

MCA takes a stand for modesty as taught in the Word of God. It is vital that proper dress code and grooming be upheld. The school requires uniforms to achieve neatness, consistency, and modesty. Administration reserves the right to disapprove of any trends in hairstyles, makeup, or any attire that is deemed inappropriate.


Girls hair is to be conservative in style and consistent with a traditionally feminine appearance. No unnaturally dyed hair colors will be permitted.

Boys hair must maintain a traditionally masculine appearance. Hair must be cut in such a way that it does not touch the eyebrows, ears, or collar. Sideburns should be no longer than the earlobe. Hairstyles with lines or designs cut into the hair are not acceptable. Boys are not permitted to have dyed, bleached, or highlighted hair. Beards and moustaches are not permitted.

Body Piercing/Tattoos

  • Body piercings (seen or unseen) are not permitted.
  • Tattoos (temporary or permanent, seen or unseen) are not permitted.
  • Only female students are permitted to have pierced ears or wear earrings; earrings may be in the lobe of the ear only. No more than two pairs of earrings may be worn at one time.
  • Students are not to write or draw on their bodies.


School uniforms for kindergarten through twelfth grade must be purchased from Shaheen’s (in store or online) or FrenchToast.com.


2656 Sharon Road
Cincinnati, OH 45241

French Toast

Some French Toast uniform items may be purchased at local retail stores; however, items worn to school must be the exact items sold on the Milford Christan Academy page of the French Toast website.

Preschool students are not required to wear school uniforms. Preschool students may wear comfortable play clothes that are appropriate for weather conditions, allow for ease in using the restroom, and do not disrupt the learning environment. Students may not wear tops that expose a bare midriff.

All students must wear clothing that is specific to the child’s gender (at birth).

Girls Uniforms

  • Shirts:

    • ● Polo - Royal blue, heather gray, navy, or light blue
      • ■ If an undershirt is worn, it must be either white or the color of the polo.
      • ■ Shirts must always be tucked in.
      • ■ Shirts must be buttoned, except for the top button.
  • Skirts/Jumpers/Shorts:

    • Navy jumper (to the knee in length) - kindergarten through sixth grade only
    • Navy uniform shorts (to the knee in length) - kindergarten through sixth grade only
      • ■ Dark-colored belts must be worn with shorts.
    • Navy skort (to the knee in length) - kindergarten through sixth grade only
    • Khaki (seventh through twelfth grade) and navy (all grades) skirts (to the knee in length)
      • ■ Navy, black, or grey leggings may be worn under uniform bottoms and may be purchased from any store. Leggings must be solid in color and in construct of the fabric (no cut-outs, netting, sheer fabric, etc.).
      • ■ It is recommended that elementary girls wear dark-colored bike shorts (may be purchased at any store) under jumpers and skirts.

Boys Uniforms

  • Shirts:

    • Polo - Royal blue, heather gray, navy, or light blue
      • ■ If an undershirt is worn, it must be either white or the color of the polo.
      • ■ Shirts must always be tucked in.
      • ■ Shirts must be buttoned, except for the top button.
  • Pants/Shorts:

    • Khaki (seventh through twelfth) or navy (all grades) pants
    • Navy uniform shorts (kindergarten through sixth grade) to the knee in length
      • ■ Pants and shorts must be pulled up around the waist, and a dark-colored belt must be worn at all times.

PE Uniforms - (seventh through twelfth grade)

  • Loose-fitting, knee-length athletic shorts (purchased at any store)
  • Loose-fitting athletic pants (purchased at school spirit store)
  • School spirit shirt (purchased at school spirit store)
  • Gym shoes and socks


  • Navy cardigan sweater (purchased at Shaheen’s or French Toast)
  • School spirit wear (purchased at school spirit store)
  • Jackets and coats may not be worn during school hours unless permission is given by a particular teacher during that particular class.
    • Students in preschool through sixth grade will have outdoor recess when the weather is suitable for outdoor play (weather that is reasonably safe; absent lightning, rain, and ice; and free from pollutants or harmful ozone concerns). Students should wear clothing appropriate for varying weather conditions (coats, hats, gloves, boots, etc.).


  • Casual shoes, boots or gym shoes
    • Backless shoes, shoes with open toes, sandals, slippers, flip flops, slides etc. may not be worn to school.
  • Socks or tights (girls) must be worn at all times.

Makeup and Jewelry

  • Girls:

    • Jewelry may be worn in moderation (no more than two pairs of earrings per ear in the lobe area only). Teachers and administration reserve the right to ask a student to remove any jewelry that is distracting to the teaching environment.
    • Kindergarten through sixth grade - Makeup is not permitted to be worn nor may it be brought to school. Body and hair glitter is not permitted. Only light nail polish is permitted. No false fingernails are to be worn.
    • Seventh through twelfth grade - Makeup and nail polish may be worn in moderation. Body and hair glitter is not permitted.
  • Boys:

    • No jewelry may be worn with the exception of a watch (medical alert bracelets or necklaces are permitted with medical documentation).
    • No makeup or nail polish of any kind is permitted.

Extracurricular Activities

Modest and appropriate attire is expected when attending extracurricular activities. Attire that reflects worldly themes or inappropriate images or verbiage may never be worn.

  • Young Ladies:

    • Modest, loose-fitting shirt that covers the midriff
    • Loose-fitting shorts that come to the knee
    • Modest and appropriate pants or capris
    • Loose-fitting skirts/dresses that come to the knee or below
  • Young Men:

    • Sleeved t-shirts or polo shirts
    • Jeans or shorts that come to the knee


Homecoming is a formal event for those in the court and requires a specific dress. Students not involved in the Homecoming court will abide by the extracurricular activities dress code outlined in the handbook. Persons who fail to meet the following dress code may be asked to leave.

  • Young Ladies:

    • ■ All dresses must be approved in advance at scheduled dress checks.
    • ■ The neckline of dresses must be no lower than the width of three fingers below the opening of the collar bone. The same height guideline applies for the back of the dress as well.
    • ■ No strapless, or strapped dresses are to be worn without a jacket/shawl/wrap. These coverings may not be sheer or see-through and must be worn at all times during the event.
    • ■ Sleeveless dresses may be worn without coverings so long as the dress is a natural sleeveless dress. Armholes must be fitted in a way that there is no gapping in the dress in which one can see into the dress.
    • ■ All dresses must completely cover the knee when seated, and slits may not come higher than the bottom of the knee.
    • ■ Dresses may not be form-fitting or tight. Undergarments or lines may not be revealed.
    • ■ If any sheer material is worn, it must have a lining.
  • Young Men:

    • ■ Boys must wear dress pants, a dress shirt, dress shoes, belt, and tie.
    • ■ Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
    • ■ Ties must be tied and worn properly at all times.

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